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Feature List

In addition to the requirement to get support for the special 1.5 hardware (presumably including new / modified drivers, etc), are we able to add requests for features, like touchscreen? support for handwriting, etc?

As a community based project, what is our input on this 1.5 hardware and software?

I've just gone through a rather undocumented or at least non mainstream fedora preupgrade script / GUI on an F10 x86_64 machine (started with RH8 on the road tour on through FC1 for 64 bit..), and while preupgrade took longer, it reminded me of olpc-update ;-/

How do we upgrade to F11 for 1.5? And do we run it on 1.0 machines too? Or do we have to have the new hardware? Not that I'd turn new hardware away, mind you...

What testing help do you need from some of us?

danceswithcars 15:46, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

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