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Comments and suggestions welcome!

Record of items moved from Priorities from Engineering section

The following items were deleted from the engineering section. The resolution of them is noted here. In most cases I found a home for them in the main feature section.

#4662 needed for better activity capabilities.
GS - now covered in Trac as bug.

#2447 caps lock
GS - created feature request for this.

#1997 flashing in writer
GS - now covered in Trac as bug.

GS - moved to a feature in OS section. new file sytem
GS - covered in file system requirement.

Fix all GPL issues and get sign off from FSF that we are fully compliant.
GS - Created new section and noted one bug ID.

Debug tool that easily allows plug of diagnostic USB stick which analyzes and reports back detailed status.
GS - Created new feature for this. Owner = Erik

GS - Moved suggestions from Jim and Gary re: preventing memory crashes to out of memory requirement.

GS - Folded two clipboard redesign URLs in to single place.

GS - Deleted point 6 (power) from Ben's e-mail as its covered in power section.

GS - Deleted point 5 from Ben's e-mail. Now covered in Security and isolation work with a link to Bitfrost.

GS - Removed point 2 (OS updates) from Ben's e-mail. Its covered in section.

GS - Removed point 4 on Ben's e-mail. Covered under View source feature.

Easy update for G1G1
GS - Covered in GUI OS Updates feature.

Replacement file system
GS - Created new feature in OS section.

GS - Moved S page XUL Runner update suggestion to feature in activity section: browse multimedia.

SCIM from Sayamindu to do list
GS - Moved to SCIM feature in localization section.

eBook reader suggestions from Sayamindu
GS - covered in better ebook reader requirement.

Run any linux app in sugar suggestion from Sayamindu
GS - Added details to spec for easy sugarization feature.

i18N from Sayamindu to do list. GS - Created new feature in localization section.

Terminal improvements from Sayamindu
GS - Created new feature in actvity section.

Language packs version 3 from Sayamindu
GS - Created new feature in localization section.

This page shouldn't be broken down by contributor; it needs serious refactoring and organization by topic and scope. from SJ. GS - Done :-)

File sharing and publish to the world comments from SJ. GS - Moved to file transfer feature and a bullet on asynchronous collaboration.

Library and Bundle updates from SJ
GS - Created new feature in Other section.

File sharing comment 3 from Ben S GS - Moved to file sharing feature in collaboration

GS - Created new GUI elements suggestion from SJ feature

GS - Extracted items from that section (Gregorio 17:13, 4 December 2008 (UTC)) and integrated as follows.
- Created new activity updater improvements feature.
- Added legacy app compatibility to Easy Sugarization feature
- Added upstream tracker tool idea to Fedora 10 feature
- Added library comments to Library and Content bundle feature.
- Created new Improved antitheft mechanisms
- Created new security and isolation work feature
- Created new asynronous internet feature
- Created new journal improvements feature in GUI and usability

Extracted all posts to devel with "9.1 Proposal:" in the subject as follows:
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: Journal, reloaded. thread to new journal feature created above.
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: Legacy compatibility in Easy Sugarization feature.
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: Improving antitheft in new feature of similar name.
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: Security and Isolation in new feature of similar name.
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: Translation improvements to the top of localization section.
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: "Asynchronous internet" in feature of the same name.
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: Fedora integration in Fedora 10 requirement
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal: Printing support in printing feature
- Added link to 9.1 Proposal i18n and l10n: 9.1 and beyond in to Enhanced i18n feature.
- Added link to 9.1 9.1 Proposal: Activities as Building Blocks in Asynchronous Collaboration feature

M Stone section:

  • Security already contains my immediate security roadmap.

GS - Added the Bitfrost and security work from this to Security and isolation work feature.

  • My user page links to several of my other ideas, many of which are procedural improvements with software components.

GS - No edits based on this. I think these should be tracked as Sugar technical suggestions. Especially this e-mail:

Created a new feature for Backup to Internet suggestion from Walter.

Created a new hardware feature to make blinking lights have more meaning based on suggestion from Mikus.

Removed #2188 sharing files and resources between activities. Can be tracked and resurfaced in the bug scrub.

Removed #1496 Switch to real public keys - Scott. Can be resurfaced in the bug scrub.

Added #8170 to GUI suggestions from SJ feature

Added #8171 to collaboration file sharing feature.

Improved battery life

"battery life" has two meanings and it would be best to separate them so as to not give the impression that a given usage pattern will see improvement:

  1. how long will the battery operate the XO while it is doing useful work (backlight on at -- say -- middle intensity setting and continuous user interaction in -- for example -- write).
  2. how long will the battery allow the XO to retain work (or state or however you want to say it) while the XO is suspended.

These are questions which impact different parts of the XO hardware/software implementation and one is more or less important than the other in each deployment. (Example: if a school has intermittent electrical power, it may be possible to gang-charge batteries but not to operate the XOs from the power line for the entire school day. In that case, doing useful work from battery power for as long as possible is critical. In some other deployment, the XO might only be used in the class for a few minutes at a time throughout the day but needs to be instant-on. In that case, suspend time improvements are critical.) -- Davewa 17:09, 20 October 2008 (UTC)

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