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Seth - got your note on my Feb photos of an OLPC meetup in the Chicago area at Marie Murphy school. Sorry, I'm a real Flikr newbie and having trouble figuring my way around the site still. I do most of my photo management on my own servers. I am happy to have you connect the photos from the Chicago OLPC group to the master OLPC list, at least any I've taken. I started the group in Feb to try to contain the photos of Chicago-area meetups. I just uploaded a bunch from Pycon (Python Conference) 2008 that was last weekend in Chicago. We had a great OLPC booth, including a deconstructed/destroyed OLPC that I took a few photos of and was quite a draw for people visiting the booth. We passed around that paper-thin keyboard a bunch!

If you want to let me know how to connect our Flikr groups to one another, that would help. I think we'd probably still want a separate Chicago group, is there a parent/child like group relationship we can establish or otherwise link groups so that they can share photo pools? Again, I really don't "get" Flikr yet so speak slowly and use small words so I can follow. ;) You can reach me via my talk page. Thanks! Karen Smith KayTi 15:36, 18 March 2008 (EDT)

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