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Simple Idea

A great first step for raising low dollar contributions would a merchant account and a gateway to accept contributions on-line. Easy and short money.

If one wanted to be slightly more ambitious one could offer the option for users to buy a laptop for a student as an alternative holiday gift. Also, easy and short money.


deletion request

this was nommed for deletion; it looks fine to me, though low on content. Sj talk 01:24, 14 October 2007 (EDT)

discussing funding

  • I thought OLPC was an open project, welcoming contributions from multi-disciplinary teams and alll sectors in society: technical-hard and software, educators, social, law, economics, ... I think that there is a right to discuss funding strategies. There is at least 1 other person that's agreeing with this.... I was just making a page listing all the funding strategies that people want to discuss to make OLPC happening in their country.
  • If I understand wel, there still is no firm order of 3 million OLPC's ... with the discussions I've had as a professional financier... I think you have to give the topic room to be developed, to let that energy and knowledge be able to take form. I think it is up to the group to detect what is good and what is bad not you alone. If you think differently ... please inform me of your knowledge on financing/grants etc.
  • Where can financiers/public funding specialists discuss funding ?
Countries can get laptops without paying for them? There is no downside to this? No risk? I wasn't born yesterday. This smells like fraud. If the financing method were any good, it could be used for everything: spacecraft, sewage treatment plants, fighter planes, roads, power plants, etc. AlbertCahalan 13:41, 14 October 2007 (EDT)

Another Simple Idea..

  It would be imho that a website could be created that would allow simple communication to anyone who had recieved a OLPC.  This idea could generate revenue from subscribers world wide. An applicant whom may not have the funds to purchase a OLPC outright, could theoreticaly fund the purchase of 1 or muliple units over time based on a monthly subscription. A possible perk to the end users and that of developers. While at the same time a little real life participation in helping develope the underprivelaged community. A possible example would be to use a Windows or Mac OS to log into a OLPC website which had your already registered and verified user name and credentials. Then you could possibly link with OLPC users world wide ( I'm sure all those little colored user icons are tracked well out of there user country ).  The purpose of the webiste would be to help bridge communication gaps, feed ideas of the children, create friendships abroad, aid in simple everyday child delemas and even tutor. The subscribers could be kept informed with the status of the project on a global scale and seeing how the OS is opensource, maybe a few programers could have a more direct impact on technical issues as they arise. 

Personaly, I wouldnt mind paying a monthly fee just to know I'm doing my share. At any level. Overall it would be great for the body n soul.

My2cents... Because either I'm gonna get tanked or your gonna raise an eyebrow. Or both.

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