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Mia's notes, Day 1

4:46- I just stopped talking to Bob Myers and he is doing some testing for his newest version of Asteroids on the XO.

5:01- Mel and Karen Smith (a user background designer) are talking about the difference between designers and engineers. They are basically talking about the cultural differences between designing and engineering and how we can get both groups to 'try out' each others' fields this weekend.

5:00-5:05 - Introductions; determined that the jam's purpose was to design educational games that could be put up on the XO at the end of the jam(s) for people to use and learn from.

5:08-Mini discussion about game ideas. Mel is frantically writing ideas on the giant white board.

5:10-Flat pretzels are good!!

6:44-Apparently we ordered pizzas from a place that is 30 minutes away in Naperville but we thought it was 5 minutes away in Aurora. So we ordered from a place that does not exist and poor Mel/Jim is lost and confused, looking for a Papa John's that doesn't exist in Aurora.Tip!If you run a jam make sure the place you are getting food exists.It makes things a whole lot easier.

6:49-After mild panic we have canceled the pizza.

6:53-Nikki and April-Hope are searching for other pizza places.

7:00-Food is needed.

7:05-More brainstorming.

7:23-Mel and April-Hope are leaving to finally get pizza.

7:32-We have decided on doing two games,a Dinner Party Quest and a Plant Growing Game.We have wrote a rough list of steps in the game.

7:37-We all await the glorious pizzas.

8:02-We snack on magnificent pizzas.

8:05-April-Hope is testing Melanie's game-in-the-making, Larry.

8:09-Chris is testing Larry.

8:11-Everybody is pretty much doing their own thing.

8:12 - Melanie wants to watch the Olympics opening ceremony!

8:16-People are relaxing.Chris is talking to Melanie about Larry.

8:18-Robert is starting to plan for the Plant Growing Game.He is one of the only people working.I am bored.

8:26-April-Hope is looking at the Emulating The XO wiki page.

8:29-Everybody is packing up.

8:30-Mel and Melanie are eating the leftover pizza.

8:31-The room is a organized mess.

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