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Please edit photos down to a reasonable size and upload to so that the page doesn't take ages to load. Also, some of the pictures are simply to small to be of use to illustrate a game controller.

The game buttons on the BTest-1 design use the Sony Playstation triangle-square-circle-cross arrangement. Isn't this trademarked? 07:07, 11 January 2007 (EST)

That's a known bug:

Is it possible to program the rocker to reorient itself when the screen rotates? For example, when I press the screen rotate button and the screen shifts 90 degress, the down rocker now is right and so forth. I think that this would be a great feature to add but I understand that it might be very difficult to do. [I apologize but i don't know how to sign this] 9:42, Jan 7th, 2008

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