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First conference call with Charlotte Landrum, Podcast Project Manager of the Isabella Gardner Museum

On February 26th, 2008 a call was held with Charlotte Landrum, the Podcast Project Manager at the Isabella S’ewart Gardner Museum, named as “The Concert.” The museum is in conversation with OLPC, in order to contribute to the OLPC project and, in particular, to participate in the OLPC Music community, by letting us use their music library, as it is available on their website (

It is substantial at this point and depends on the community, to provide multiple variables of the music (according to the music period, artist, composer, etc.) and also to make the music files available in appropriate size and in the appropriate format for use in the school server, due to space limitations.

All the participants of the phone call pointed out the need that the content included in the school server should be clearly licensed and the need, also, to archive and attribute that content properly. The attribution information is most probably included in the metadata of the music files.

“The Concert” is also working with the Internet Archive, especially with regard to its podcasts. Particularly, the Internet Archive website is mirroring The Concert’s podcasts. However, the Internet Archive is not mirroring “The Concert”’s music library. The OLPC Music Community could potentially support this relation.

It would be a good idea to build strong relationship with conservatories and music school (such as, for example, the New England Conservatory, etc.), in order to collect samples of arias, trills, and other musical forms for music theory purposes. It would be a good idea to have samples and excerpts of music pieces, indicating the various musical forms.

All parties (Charlotte Landrum, SJ Klein and Andriani Ferti) are also considering the use of visual arts with relation to the music contributed by the Isabella Gardner Museum from the collection of the museum.

Posted by Andriani Ferti, February 27th, 2008

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