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Cool, but

Although I like the idea I have some issues with this page and the specialized Google interface it proposes.

  • For starters, it says "olpcnews searches 2 sites, including:,"
    • This puts the site at the same level that even though they are not related in any way (afaik)
    • It yields results from the whole web! It doesn't work as stated!
  • A minor issue is that it's in german...

On a side track, the user developing this is olpcnews and the name may confuse people into thinking that its collaborations may be official (afaik, they are not).

UPDATE: Just found this page OLPCWiki:Searching which has a link to this search page (also Google's), and works!

My 2cts, --Xavi 12:06, 13 January 2007 (EST)

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