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Previous ideas involving the Group View screen


The wiki pages will be generated, viewed, and edited through MikMik. When a user pushes the Wiki button on the group view screen, MikMik will attempt to open the groups wiki page. If the page does not yet exist a new page will be created for the group. This means that each group will need a unique identifier, so that the program will know where to look for the group's page if it already exists. The simplest way to do this would be to have the wiki page's name be the same as the unique identifier, but this isn't very user friendly. So, say the unique identifier was “abc123” one thing that could be done is a page named “abc123” could be generated, and the user could be prompted to give a more suitable name for it, and then “abc123” could be made into a redirect to that new name.

Formation of Groups

Group Invite Mock-up
Based on: Zoom Metaphor#Groups, I believe this is something which is planned, but has not yet been implemented. Users should be able to select peers in their neighborhood view and invite them to join a group. The user should also have some means of visualizing the groups s/he belongs to through the Group View screen, and a way of selecting a group to “zoom in” on it.
  • This sounds like a good idea. I would separate the "multiple groups" project from the "distributed community wiki" project. Both have to exist before you can start associating wiki page[s] with groups. --Sj talk 21:09, 5 April 2008 (EDT)
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