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Since Tuesday will presumably be taking place at Brightstar - would rather not have to go back to Chicago again, too. Main point of order is having projects we can show off to visitors (ie, voltage regulator, hand crank, maybe? anything else?) and ideas for things people can help us with (ideally, tangible project-wise things. Alas, I cannot come up with anything offhand). Something to mull over for the next day or two, anyway. Any suggestions for party food? --Andreatl

I like the idea of showing off the voltage regulator along with having people try out the hand crank to see how difficult it currently is to power the laptop by hand. It would also be good to give a short overview of what we hope to accomplish this summer for each project and for ILXO in general just to give people a clearer idea of what we're doing in addition to the power stuff. I suggest we work out a timeline for the next couple of weeks starting Wednesday morning just so we have a clearer idea of kinds of things we want to get done over the next month. I think some juices soft drinks and chips would be good for party food and we could always order a pizza or two if the need arises. Also did we send out the open house announcement to people not on the OLPC Chicago mailing list? --Ccarrick
Sounds good. I only sent it out to OLPC-Chicago. Finally - looks like we have a pretty good number of RSVPs. Any concerns about space? At worst, I guess we can always move to just do a meet and greet kind of thing in the outdoors if it seems too crowded. --Andreatl
In the name of "if it's not publicly documented, it didn't happen," I'm moving this conversation from email to wiki. Mchua
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