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Specific To-Dos:

  • list workshops w/ descriptions, materials cost (if applicable ---> will we charge for travel costs?), length of time, amount of advance notice needed, etc off our website
  • have some well-defined, step by step process for people to get us to run a workshop at their location/for their group – again, off of website
  • make an internal procedure for us to follow once people contact us – what do we need to make sure is set up (van scheduling, swag in van, how to get feedback afterwards, etc.)
  • if anything is blocking you from doing the above, harass people appropriately
  • send announcement to olpc-chicago, grassroots, olpc-open, devel (for the technical workshops)

Stuff to figure out:

  • Descriptions
  • Supplies
  • Material costs
  • Time and Prep time
  • How to find us? Scheduling fun times.
    • Setting own times?
    • Operating at request of others?
  • Who are we targeting?
    • OLPC-Chicago users
    • School chapters?
    • Summer programs

Resources we have:

  • 'n' number of XOs. Still undetermined?
  • A van!
  • Office space - can host smaller events? Or, we'll travel. (for schools/camps, etc)
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