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Some time ago, I read an article about Dasher or an old all-in-one overview, which I found extremely cool. I searched this wiki for Dasher and didn't get any hits. Has anybody thought about it for the OLPC?

Existing devices for communicating information to computers are either bulky, slow, or unreliable. Dasher is a data entry interface incorporating language modelling and driven by continuous two-dimensional gestures, e.g. a mouse, a stylus, or eye-tracker. Tests have shown that, after an hour of practice, novice users reach a writing speed of about 20 words per minute while taking dictation. Experienced users achieve writing speeds of about 34 words per minute, compared with typical ten-finger keyboard typing of 40-60 words per minute.
Although the interface is slower than a conventional keyboard, it is simple to use, and could be used on personal data assistants and by motion-impaired computer users. Dasher can readily be used to enter text from any alphabet.

You can give it a try from your browser here. Since it can use any two-dimensional pointing device (the OLPC's cursor control buttons maybe), kids would be able to 'type' even when the laptop is in eBook/play mode! --Xavi 12:09, 12 December 2006 (EST)

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