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I had to use

  sugar-control-panel -s jabber

but it worked. -- User:AuntiMame 17 March 2008, 23:24

Yes, sorry I will fix the instructions. The 17th it didn't crash once (must have done something right).


This appears to be down. If you need help hosting or whatever send me a user mail. --HarperReed 18:01, 18 March 2008 (EDT)

It crashes almost every day read my other post for details. -Evan

DNS Issues is resolving as, so it looks like it's a problem with the dynamic dns software getting the wrong ip address. If this is run on a home internet connection then I'm a little dubious as to it's reliability, but I guess we wait and see.

It is run on a Ubuntu 8.04 Beta Server but it is using openfire which is experimental so it crashes almost everyday. I will probably switch to ejabbered any day now until openfire is more reliable.

Also I have switched the DNS settings -

regional domain name?

Hi. i have been moving some regional jabber servers under the xochat domain name. If yall are interested, i could host the new england jabber server. Let me know. --HarperReed 23:38, 6 April 2008 (EDT)

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