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The claim that Unicode round-trip conversion doesn't work is strongly contested by those who work in Unicode. Whoever made this claim needs to give or point to an example of failure.

the pairs such as U+203E (OVERLINE) and U+FFE3 (FULLWIDTH MACRON), and U+FF5E (FULLWIDTH TILDE) and U+301C (WAVE DASH) have different convertions from/to the domestic code. Another example is that "Full width back slash" and "half width backslash" in JIS X 0208 are converted to single code point (U+005C) and cannot converted back to JIS X 0208 propery.

There is no evidence that new Kanji words, invented in Japan, have been "exported back to China." Modern Mandarin Chinese does not use any Hanzi created in Japan. The first line of this article should be edited to reflect this.

Well, there are really a lot of words are incorporated to Chinese vocabulary. An example is "revolution" (革命). Also quite a few kanji's are incorporeted as well. An example of such character is "鱈", means a kind of fish code.

During WWII, the Japanese forced the Chinese to use many Japanese Kanji, but after 1945, these were all expunged from Chinese texts, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. To make the claim that the Chinese somehow "borrowed" these characters demonstrates ignorance of history and possibly an intent to sanitize Japanese actions, by making it seem as if a normal, Chinese based, linguistic borrowing were responsible for the forced introduction of Japanese Kanji into Chinese society.

It has nothing to do with politics. If you (whoever that has written the comments from would like to talk about history, please look at history before WWII (That wasn't the only war anyway.) That borrowing happened great deal after the war between the Qing dynasty and Japan.
I wonder what was the country of origin for the term 電話, which in Japanese is "denwa" or telephone. But my real question is more relevant to the task at hand: Do any fonts actually ship with the OLPC software by default that are able to display CJK text reliably? If not, they should consider including such fonts, even if it requires a few more precious megabytes. What if some kid out in a remote area actually wants to study an asian language? Bouncey 21:45, 28 January 2008 (EST)
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