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Please give us feedback. You can email me at (julius at younglucks dot com) if you need immediate help with getting kuku running, or to add your comments.


As of 2007-07-12 on build 496:

  • Excess key hits on one board can affect the next. Perhaps eat all pending key events when a new board goes up (or most key events for a brief time).
  • The time out (10s) is too short, both for counting and arithmatic. Moving the chicken eats 2 or 3 sec. In counting, player neesds time to go through several squares saying and pointing "one, two, three,...". In arithmetic addition, need time to count on fingers.
  • The first time I ran kuku, it was unclear what to do. There were squares, and a whole lot of stuff on the left side. Which I decided was too clutter-like to be of importance, so I started trying things like clicking on the "one of these is not like the others" fruit, etc. Perhaps the questions need to be in a bigger font.
  • The arithmetic answers could also be in a bigger font.
  • The mouse disappears in the main kuku windows (ie, when lower than the frame).
  • On the continue/stop screen, I spent time puzzling over how to select the "stop" chicken. Apparently one can't?
  • On the continue/stop screen, pressing Esc doesn't, and subsequent key hits don't continue either.
  • The zero deadline feels too "hard". Ie, if I'm still trying to figure out the answer I lose my chance to, because the board disappears. If I think I know the answer, I lose the chance to get right/wrong feedback. If I pause to look around and reflect, explore, the board goes away. Maybe let the player complete the answer, and get right/wrong feedback, even after the timer runs out? Perhaps a "hit key to get the next board" approach? That would also permit pausing the game, for interacting with the world.
  • At least in emulation, on my particular host machine, the chicken movement seems slow.
  • At end of game, got a write error for /usr/share/activities/Kuku.activity/data/kuku_state.obj . Directory get's owned by root, but isn't world writable, and sugar runs as olpc.
  • I chmod'ed /usr/share/activities/Kuku.activity/data to be world writable, and kuku got further, but then printed "Quitting pygame" and hung. Ctrl-C didn't kill it. I didn't try Alt-C.

MitchellNCharity 15:23, 12 July 2007 (EDT)

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