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Wouldn't it be usefull to add a link for people looking for links to the logo of OLPC, you kno with the "1 laptop -> X" ? --SvenAERTS 19:16, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

You might still be able to try what was on Logowiki over on ...

Logo Language Specification for XO?

The many Logo variants referenced in the article suggest that there is no definitive Logo language specification. With that in mind I would like to offer some ideas for discussion.

Create a specification for a minimal version of Logo for the XO laptop. Call the language Xogo. Keep the number of primitives to as few as possible. As mentioned in this wiki's Logo article Xogo must support unicode and provide a mechanism for naming the primitives in any langauge.

Rather than using a turtle shape use the XO shape for drawing on the graphics screen. The shape has a natural heading and center drawing point. Support only a single such drawing shape per user of the activity. Others may join in the drawing activity, each controlling their own appropriately identified XO shape.

Perhaps code from TurtleArt could be leveraged for the graphics portion. Since TurtleArt is a subset of Xogo a TurtleArt activity could be resumed from the jounal directly into Xogo. Code from the Pippy activity might be usable for the Xogo editor.

Does any of this have any merit? Is taking the time to define a detailed Xogo specification worthwhile? --mark w 20:41, 7 January 2008 (EST)

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