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from Correlating Bitfrost and threats :

"Let us enter into this leasing business with a clear understanding of what will happen: with millions of systems in the field, with the unforeseeable consequences of living that attend to all human activity, there will be students egregiously locked out of their systems. The stories of such system lockouts will travel at lightspeed through the mesh. Everyone will know stories, both true and exaggerated, of student lockout problems. The whole system will work to the detriment of the olpc initiative's reputation. Please allow the local administrator to minimize this usability nightmare whenever possible. This will minimize the harm done to olpc's reputation"

lease distribution

Giving an individual a cache of leases that work on any of a large pool of machines, in a world where machine-level OSRM means you can only possess a machine for a short period of time, seems like minting currency. There is incentive to hoard leases, or to fake shortages. --Sj talk 19:06, 6 March 2008 (EST)

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