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Good idea.

The success of this plan relies on three things:

  • Your programming ability.
  • Your nutritional knowledge / access to good nutritional data (note also that sleeping patterns are an essential part in nutritional results - for instance, in certain subpopulations in the US, child obesity correlates better to sleeping patterns than to caloric intake!)
  • Your pedagogical ability. You will need to target this to a specific age group(s) and learning goals, not just "I want all of those kiddies to have the same understanding of nutrition that I do".

To improve this proposal, it would be good to be more specific, in ways that will allow the reader to evaluate those three things.

Homunq 10:30, 7 April 2008 (EDT)

Nutrition can be a quite subjective field, I think. For example, when I was in Guatemala, a study came out advocating a diet with more meat for rural children. It included a chart showing that most calories came from tortillas. Third on the list was frijoles. The children studied had a history of nutritional diseases. Conclusion was that a traditional peasant diet of frijoles and tortillas was not healthy.

One had to search the footnotes to find out what food was second on the list. It was sugar. Somehow the reports writers missed that replacing all the sugar with local vegatables and fruits might greatly improve nutrition. Instead they recommended replacing the beans and corn with meat and bread.

Apater 21:28, 7 April 2008 (EDT)

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