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This page should probably be renamed (moved) due to the spelling error in page name. I would suggest something shorter and simple like Marble widget proposal. The proposer might also be interested in this page Geo_NIC Cjl 11:00, 2 April 2008 (EDT)

Hello Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos

added a vision screen shot of how the tool should look like, in a village scale scenario.

also added the following sections to the wiki :

The tool would expect experiment/simulation data to be present in some accessible database. According to available database schemes mapping overlays would become available. Example : the basic mesh topological map overlay, would require a list of XO clients, AP, routers etc. along side their GPS position and each XO's reachable neighbor. On the other hand, the packet collision overlay would require packet collision data for every mesh segment. The animated collision overlay would require the data base to include time reference for every time snapshot.

Essentially each overlay maps to a specific (possible automatically detectable) database experiment schema, once provided it will be available for viewing. Map overlays should thus be ordered by their usefulness and implemented in that order. Contacting XO program pilot crews with network setup experience to investigate which overlays would be most usefully is worthwhile.

the 'Longterm Road Map' section was added as well.

One last note concerning the use of Marble - NASA's worldwind has been considered but being available only for windows machines ruled this option out.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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