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Some have suggested that this page should merely link to official sites and that the pages on each system should be deleted. I don't think this page or any other minimal linux distro page should be deleted. The purpose of this wiki is to explain the OLPC laptop, not to provide pointers to sites of questionable relevance.

If the minimal linux distro page only provides links to official sites, then it is useless. But if it explains that OLPC's OS has a lineage and a pedigree and that DSL is one of those related systems, then the page is useful. Similarly this DSL page should be here just as it is as a BRIEF SUMMARY of DSL in a way that is relevant to OLPC.

1 to 3 gigs is light weight !!? BS. I wish there was an easy option to build a minimal linux distribution rather than starting with every thing and the kitchen sink and then having to weed through it all.

It looks like the term "light weight" is somewhat subjective. If your subject is a Pentium class computer then another distro to consider is VectorLinux Light Edition: Pentium 166 or better, 64MB RAM minimum, 1.8GB hard drive space for full system - more for your data.

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