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Converting some of this to simple goals

From discussion with mstone:


  1. "I want to demonstrate why a server implementation alone cannot make any new use case succeed; but can only make it fail."

point 2. would make it

  • more fun to use and swap gobby files, use bittorrent, and share other documents with other people and via Firefox.
  • possible to maintain a useful URL as a machine moves around

It will let me try something like scott's journal2 demo on lots of XOs, with doc-search and feed-reading facilities that function as designed

  • there's this cool idea that you should be able to type a search entry into a firefox search bo and have it search anyone's journal, including mine and yours. I also want your journal to publish feeds for any search of it that I send to it, so that I get updates when you add something matching that search to your journal.
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