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I tried a feedburner link to a feed and it does not work. A direct link to an .XML did work, though. Any thoughts?

General Use

My links all work but the updating is sporadic at best. The refresh button does not appear to do anything. If the polling is working, there is nothing to give indication it is actually doing this. The feeds reach the news reader much later than the stories are posted on the host's website. Anybody else experiencing this behavior? Aaronfeibus 13:59, 8 January 2008 (EST)

None of the feeds that came configured with the reader have ever successfully been polled on my laptop. Unkilbeeg 12:01, 10 January 2008 (EST)

I hope this is in the right place. I can't get the RSS/NewsReader to work at all either... none of the feeds that came with it connect or download. 1/15/08

Same problem as with the above posters. I can get online just fine with the browse activity, but there's no sign that the news reader activity works. All default feeds are empty. Refreshing seems to do nothing. Says it's polling feeds (once I press refresh). All settings are at default. Using build 653. Munir 6:21, 26 January 2008 (EST)

Switched to build 656 today; behaviour similar to those listed above. However, it may be getting stuck on polling dead default feeds. Check all feeds in browser - I deleted two and added one proven one, and polling is working, but VERY slowly. To show the polling, click on the bottom left hand corner of the screen on the open 'bar' -- the status bar will say 'polling feeds" --eventually (5 minutes?) you;ll see the bar move a little at a time. There is very little in, forums, or at OLPCnews on this Activity (nothing about importing, nor other tricks -- I assume that it's been abandoned for now??) If you have pointers to more details on this, please post here . I'm interested in details like how to keep post for later viewing, how to import feeds from opml, if at all possible, and the like. Thanks - lgrayp (sorry, no user acct yet) 17 feb 2008

I deleted the feeds that download pictures to speed the process up. BBC Learning English @ BBC World News download, but OLPC PLANET does not up date. In the 3 months I've had the XO it's updated perhaps three times. It does say "polling feed" and reads 2/3, but never updates #3 (olpc planet). Does anyone know the correct feed address for planet? Could it just be written in the XO wrong? tuura 28 feb 2008

It would be nice to tell people that Penguin uses Atom feeds so they don't have to go to the sourceforge page. Thisisentirelybogus

feeds disaappear

while this app is great when it works, my app forgets the feeds i've subscribed to when i reopen it, i tried reinstalling to no avail. thank you

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