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email to the ministry

--SvenAERTS 08:23, 25 February 2014 (UTC) Sent email following the 3296th Council meeting Education, Youth, Culture and Sport - Request for collaboration from the olpc-europe community. We would like to have a talk. to Aneliya KLISAROVA Minister for Education and Science Request for collaboration from the olpc-europe community. We would like to have a talk. Dear M.,

I'm a member of the open community initiative One Laptopschool Per Child. Aligning with Millennium Development Goal nr2. and supported by Kofi ANAN, Ban KI-MOON, Unesco, etc.

Can you have quick look at the 2' video's on the iniative on


  • An olpc cell in your organization?
  • Is there room for an open source AND open hardware laptop annex tablet in the EU Educational Landscape?

Update: About ALL kids in Uruguay, Peru, Rwanda, several Island States and soon Australia, have the XO, an open-source, open-hardware and open-community laptop convertible into a tablet; Haiti, Australia, Cameroon, Mongolia and several school networks in the United States are going along the same path.

Though some European kids may have an iPad class, may they still be missing the boat or are they on the wrong ship? Reading the wikipedia or being part of the wikipedia? That seems sum up both projects. A programmed to fail device or an open-source, open-hardware, open-community laptop convertible into a tablet? GSM operators sucking the last euro's out of families'pockets, or free relayed communication thanks to these open-source, open-hardware, open-community XO's?

Sincerely, skype SvenAERTS - OLPC Community Brussels Tel: +32 2 7 876 7 21 gsm: +32 487 580 265

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