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Two questions...

1. Why the need for special considerations when copying the rom file from Windows? 2. In the test-all in firmware, what does it mean if the timer test fails? (Does not reach zero.)

Sorry for being so needy. ;)

Follow-up: I formatted the usb stick to fat, and then flashed the rom again. Seems to have corrected the timer failure. So, I'll just stick to the instructions lol!

Installation: Unsecured Machines

1. If you open up the Terminal activity and try to go to the /versions/boot/ folder you get the following error:

bash: cd: boot/: Permission denied

Should the instructions be updated to let people know they need to do a su first? For example:

cd /versions/boot/current/boot/

2. What should you do if you cannot get to the OK prompt when restarting and holding down the Escape (top left key)?

Srippon 16:18, 19 July 2008 (UTC)

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