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some new groups

DFW : William Harper


1. community definition: define what it means to be a group- two levels. one for developers and small groups and one for more structured organizations that want to have their own event, press, eduation, distribution, structure.

2. target audiences: educators, researchers, students, ngos. how to channel requests - yvonne from ch, see the sm ch org that develops. connect research orgs with potential researchers.

3. transparency: how to demonstrate ones work to the community - e.g. wedekind - tuebingen. touchpad-handwriting research. evaluations and long-term efforts and data.

4. spec for open data: commitment to release once research is finished equivalent of open-source and hardware. equivalent for regular reports during a program or research efort.

5. students and individuals: publish project pages and aims as a goal make this a process for -all- requests. save a small proportion rfor private requests if there are any... but make it clear that those have a smaller target pool than public ones. focus on levels of commitment to the initial contract-contact.

5b. how to define where shipping goes. do you have a local organization that can aggregate requests - save shipping, build community. are you alone in your country, in cwhich case you might just get your own shipmentsñ also youmight want mor ethan1. add a category for short - time pools of machines to organize frmo the local group. define developer saturation. for every 10 xos in a region, another 1 for soft loans - and local subdistribution. coordinate with social networking to find out what people are doing -

categorization - most topics have an obvious category, some of them will be new - regional loaners for larger groups and organizations, research and university projects with their own funding...

6. application to host a project: similar spec for how to start one, with a description and more than just a statment of having 10 lines of code. add a metaspec for the codespec we want before hosting something. include a maintainer and email contact: with a way to raech them (if not googlable, at least mailingable.)

7. community contribution to bounty pools and the like. people who want to pay for hardware and are getting it for free - how to support the work they are doing... helping people transparently give to their category - suggest file this through trac and wiki_ have a separate styleguide for this on the site...

8. mitmachen! spec. how do we give incentive to people in each group to define small projects - reframe testing so that it is about writing stories and expressig your own= see mcfletch as an example. how does one stop and define one+s own hardest tasks in a meaningful way-tañ lion terms of use cases and featuresdefinition-requests.]

sharing and publication of work. want both currency and history... + nb + coorinate changelogs, git commits, and wiki history... gif we have confirmed structure for changelog '

work out a blog, git, and set up olpcgforge. sf links to blogs and mailing lists and such, but has no aggregate recntchanges... cf. gitweb and wikia+s blog'extension.

social mores for resarch Ñ updatse when and how- content mores Ñ what kinds of versioning- metadata- are ther edependencies- formulate social change wishes for everyone.

A. digital library spec - how to track changes across repositories and formats - for content and researchers. B. creator mand collection standards - metadata and audience definition. reading level. anguage and software dependencies. library archivists.

brand and atribution using this to advantage. organizational librarians and archivists wriet case studies or / specs for best practices based on - nat.l geographic, BBC kids, harvard libraries open collections, intrenet archive,, Enciclomedia MX.

Spec for olpcforge - mashup of wiki and git and other sites.

Olpc community likewise - include userdata from forge, wiki, git, and mailing lists... handle identity coordination across other sites.

having a seperable system is more robust - different owners of each interface, distribuetd data for everything but identity ... let many servers host data for map layers for the central map viewing platform.

C. community site spec. add olpcanswers add this as a mwiki extension- or a community site etension. use cases - olpc answers + nified recentchanges across different sitseñ map of users and schools + goup pgages for each new grou'and each individual. forums. profile info. sendprivate and public messages. highlight media. design group oprotals, drawing from many sources. át ast le ommunity dfine differententry pages that can be implemented[. dynamic feeds ona setional-group hmepage. granular categorizatin of pieces. rss for most things. straeming options for media. transcluxion from flickr, youtube, wikimediac ommons. ínstantcommons![ fine people near you, by geo. via form- define new forms wanda ctions for little widgets -

*enter details of a project... post to the right places*  
*enter app details or a laptop... psto*  
*add geodata for yoruself... get a list of the closest other users*  
*set up a quick project definition for a flashactinomob - barnraising, psot to right place-feeds* 
*define a new event - featuer req* 
*submit a bug... in all the right places* 
*add personal info for ýou, someone else*  

discuss with drupal-django-plone communities.... and fb. find similar casestudies that exist elsewhere- talk also to openplans.og / ian.bicking.

by saturday 1. draft process on the wiki. send mail to recent project suggesters, including olpc austria, don hopkins and olpc netherlands. include good applications from the past. 2. review 15 apps each (at least) and revise the above 3. mail all the maybes from the stack of apps re the above process (without dates)

by sunday 4. draft announcement for 24c3 about olpc projects and laptops (can optionally include the dutch, who are attending), start accepting apps (just have a category for 24c3 suggestions) 5. ask a group to help revise the draft and make it graet (open to all, but twist a few peoples arms)  ;get smoe featured-article dictators from en and de to review;

make a poster for 24c3, art team (try to integrate olpc austria artists and olpcwiki artists - online)

by jan 15

  • have potential targets / discussion for the first 10 european projects-machines out by end of january,
  • open process review.
  • 15-30 for the rest of the world as well.... queue those up for brightstar-etc to handle in late january.

by feb 15

  • have this for all 250 of last months machines. have fixed schedule for decision making process
  • have a process for reviewing in place and deciding how to bundle shipping tied into how to make an unofficial group official.
  • bob gehldorf - bonos friend.

application process

  1. send e-mail to && to application-forums (maybe do that via web-form?)
  2. check if
    1. application makes sense (good description, specific project, previous work done, known in community, in relevant field, previous contributions to OLPC,...)
    2. machine is really required (point to emulation and Live CD)
    3. ask whether a temporary machine is sufficient (=> point to local community)
  3. send out machine, potentially only for a limited amount of time (see 2c)
  4. check progress
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