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OLPCorps Africa: Testing and Metrics Debate

Should there be a pre-deployment knowledge/learning skills evaluation?

Would pre-deployment evaluations be the responsibility of the partner school or the OLPCorps team?

Should there be incremental follow-up evaluations after the deployment?

How to create a evaluation model (or baseline) that could be internationally and cross-culturally applied?

If evaluation models are de-standardized, how can results be compared?

Should evaluations reflect the national standards of the school?

  1. If yes, how to ensure this?
  2. If no, what standards to measure against?

OLPC's educational strategy emphasizes learning skills that are largely untestable; how would an evaluation tool account for this?

Can we create an XO/Sugar application that would evaluate such skills?

  1. Would such an application be viable without internet access?
  2. Without internet access, how would information be gathered?
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