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ccLearn is on board to sponsor/support. Ahrash Bissell is particularly excited.

> Once we get the details in place, we can help to advertise too.

I'll have a draft from pbk for W2 to look at this weekend.

It would be great to encourage the best videographers to do something with laptops, perhaps to have a global showcase or contest for XO media. Perhaps we could offer as prizes: a laptop, given on behalf of the better videographers to someone with vid. talent in one of the XO communities (perhaps someone a bit outside our normal age range, who knows how to use video remix tools and could help the local children combine their videos effectively), to collaborate on a long-distance video project.

We have the start of a core judging team. Inviting these will perhaps turn up the rest of our vid curators, who have languished a bit. We'll need a larger community judging team to do a first pass, if we're at all successful in getting lots of footage submissions.

Hosting : OurMedia or Wikimedia Commons or I.Archive to host and have a submission form.

Target large-scale announcement would be end of Nov, at this conference; small-scale can start end of next week once sponsors and some judges are lined up and we have a sense of hosting.

Sj talk 20:54, 26 October 2007 (EDT)

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