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for August

  • set up a glossary, train vendors &c about what they are doing with the project
  • formats: word or pdfs for the final guide? home page/site : folder in a google project
    google project folder can be extracted in text, with msg-ids and placeholders
    translators generally use TRADOS; could also do XL or even text
  • 13th: pre-draft reviewed/approved. ---> Terra? for input through 20th
    24th ---> available for localization; back in a week for 7500 words. later for web interface.

July 17

  • Pakistan and Uganda : starting out with a spreadsheet of stories
  • Nigeria : running an Our Stories summer school in Galadima
  • Brasil : meeting next week, early
  • Argentina : UNICEF is in Arg this week, looking for contacts
  • Ethiopia : planning recordings before the first XO trial
  • Rwanda : ditto; UNICEF devices in schools in the field

Localization: hoping to have community l10n on-wiki and pass it off to Google translation teams or outsources

Storage : Platypus storage, personal accounts for [each student / the whole school]?

Gteam meeting: tomorrow. Next meeting: Early August


The Nitty Gritty

Tech notes

Send use case docs around

ogg and mp3 available everywhere.


2 sections on the homepage:

  1. who the partners are and contributors
  2. interview guides and content

olpc, storycorps and other site.

--> built, hosted, &c on infra. private labels elsewhere?

Someone from earth-maps outreach; working in july, at least committing to get storycorps stories online. Not huge incremental additional effort to put all uga, pak, bra likewise.

Note difference between google maps and google earth; later requires fat client.

Nigeria call update

Some followup call with the ministries; across unicef nigeria and olpc nigeria?

unicef wanted some equal targeting of 6 geopolitical zones. this is a reason to find alternatives ---> question re: resource allocation to pda activities.

four languages [ibo, hausa, yoruba, english]

l10n/i18n capability : G! have folks ready to help.

dump things into OLPC first. turnaround and validation.

discover $ cost; trans agency might split the cost.

Website meeting: Plan sth for early next week. what does the interface and arch look like?

Rough deadlines:

July 15 - mockup from engineering (zahed, frankie c. doing coord)
July 21 - all content (abi dhaba? site designer; oolas doing website; rota, webmaster for .org as well for standards)
Aug 1 - draft
Aug 15 - submitted to translation

project plan map -- content and eng side, with a content map.

(maiko) doing non-eng, (phil farhi) doing project across all.


Brouna - country lead brasil

Nataile - s.c. admin

Maiko - non-end coord

Daisuke - came to first meeting, cf maiko

Rota - web grp

Jed? - country lead Nig; Katherine is the other, from OS team

Allie - editorial

John - eng, voice recorder on XO

Heather - editorial, site & teacher content

Jen Liu - work with Stephanie, Uruguay

Laura - editorial, work with Holly

Holly - editorial


Jane - country lead for Arg

Chris - Apps team, Arg lead

Sarah - Rwanda country lead, l10n coord

Shyam? - not there

Phil Farhi - proj coord (not there)

restricted access / content policing -- youtube has human/monetary efforts. jamendo much smaller... with community efforts.

john: website launch team needs traffic ideas, are a bit wary that they just offered to let millions of people upload audio of arbitrary length to a central site, and want estimates of peak upload / visitation traffic.

Jacques - UNICEF Br.

MP are already working with youth on developing 2-3m pieces about their experiences. Going on around the country; experimenting with cell phones.

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