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Study impacts before releasing laptops?

"Should these impacts be studied before the laptops are released? Of course not. There is no way to truly know the impact of the OLPCs before they are in use."

Most things in the world are very difficult to know beforehand. Still studying them makes sense. The studies makes the likelihood of choosing the right action much higer than in the case of not studying at all. Even a child without a laptop knowns this. For some reason the answer "of course not" makes me to think the farce of "searching" and "finding" WMD in Iraq. 27 June 2006

Impact on family, community, and religion?

"How will family, community, and religious structures that have existed for generations be impacted? There are no longer any such structures in the modern world. Due to modern technology of communications and transportation, there are no cultures in which family, community and religious structures are the same as they were 60-80 years ago."

The answer is first at all totally wrong. Family, community and religious structures are playing a major role in most people's life on the globe. The modern technology of communication and transportation should not change these structures and we already know that they do not. The world is full of good examples of using modern technology and still keeping the traditional structures of life. 27 June 2006 by

1) Please consider linking this FAQ to "Social Impacts" [[1]]

2) The only term that fits the displayed attitudes of the OLPC team towards local cultures in this FAQ is ARROGANCE. Please amend -- the FAQ for certain, the attitude if you can.

Also, your team might want to do a better job of palming that ace regarding the sweeping cultural changes likely to take place as the result of OLPC deployment.


Disclaimer re OLPC views on these topics

I am not sure who answered the above question, but it certainly doesn't represent the views of OLPC. I'll draft a response shortly. Walter 20:44, 27 June 2006 (EDT)

Results of related educational experiments

What happened in Maine with the laptops for seventh graders? Initial reaction of students, teachers, parents, churches, government? Results in first months? First year? Second year? What happened to student test results on standardized tests? Did any of the results ever stop changing? What should we learn from their experience?

What other experiments are available to consider? Nitpicker 01:50, 2 December 2006 (EST)

Are Montesori results relevant?

Some of the foundation for OLPC seems to involve Montesori techniques. What do we know about what happens with kids, parents, and teachers in that paradigm? Is it consistent? Nitpicker 01:50, 2 December 2006 (EST)

What Impacts has the OLPC Laptop actually had so far on communities and students?

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