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I think that the site would be enhanced by a few well chosen categories along with a page explaining how to use them linked from the table of contents. There is already a category for target countries which is a good thing since it makes it easy to have a page listing all target countries without editing that page. In fact, the listing page could probably be locked and people can still add pages to the list just by placing the Category on their new page.

The site has different types of audiences. Here is my rough attempt to categorize them:

  • Educators
  • General Public
  • Content Developers
  • Application Developers
  • System Developers

At this point I have made one category for both Application and System developers but this should be rethought once a serious effort is underway to develop educational applications. The application developers are likely to primarily work in Python, at least the ones most in need of information and support.

Content Developers include writers, people scanning books into DJVU format, multimedia developers, etc. There is a bit of overlap with educators but no system of categories will ever have clear cut boundaries.

General Public pages should be prominent, perhaps even on the start page of the site.

Educators will be helping to write material on the site to guide all developers, they will be critiquing the project, and they will be using this project as a case study reference in their own publications.

All good suggestions. The wiki has grown so rapidly over the past few weeks, it is time to get more serious about organization. I've just created a template for the OLPC-patrolled pages and we could make additional templates for some of the category pages as well--to make them easier to identify. I'll add some new categories as per your suggestions and I'll work on a new Main_Page as well, to better introduce both the wiki content and the wiki protocol. Walter 12:06, 7 June 2006 (EDT)

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