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This document describes one possible solution. Besides being small, it has a single wide soft button under the front.

It would be nice to have a link or contact info included for the 'Kid Correct' mouse that is referenced in the article, not just a pdf of the brochure.
Contact - Brian Engleman - brian <at> ilgcap <dot> com

Would a single button mouse work with the XO? In my experience, it seems that there are choices mapped to the right button. Apple simulates multiple buttons with cmd-click being the equivalent of right click. It would seem to me that some similar method would have to be added to support a one button mouse.

And finally, not letting myself off the hook. Trackballs are expensive, possibly because they don't sell in the tens of millions. Also, I saw a trackball advertised, which, though it has a USB interface, is the same physical design as MicroSpeed Mac trackballs that I bought nearly twenty years ago. It seems that there's a manufacturing opportunity for a modern, inexpensive trackball.

single button is a good idea - actually no button is a good idea

kids can use the buttons under the xo trackpad with their other hand - it makes an easier learning curve.

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