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Here's a list of known issues / planned features:

(includes Presence Service and telepathy-other tickets, but not gabble or salut tickets)

Server work

(Not tied to a particular release, but in general wanted ASAP...)

  • #5313 [telepathy-other] Ejabberd work by Process One
  • #4045 [telepathy-other] Scaling of jabber server server
  • #5311 #5309 [telepathy-other] Gadget: XMPP Component Protocol to replace shared roster
  • #5834 [telepathy-other] ejabberd RPM needs to install/create cert
  • #5310 [telepathy-other] automatically enable shared roster on school server

Update 1

  • #5470 [telepathy-other] importing telepathy is slow
  • #6572 Replace key with hash to reduce avahi TXT size


Older bugs:

  • #4009 My XO is friends with itself
  • #5829 Chat Activity displays other users names weird
- failure to get buddy properties

New bugs:

  • #6248 Presence service is broken with recent NetworkManager

New features:

  • #6473 Ongoing tubes reduction: Buddy-Handle mapping
  • #4757 Ongoing tubes reduction: PS Activity objects: replace GetChannels() with something more useful
  • #5620 how should activities handle lost network connections?


  • #6300 Stop using ipv4 addresses for anything




  • #3506 XOs connected to jabber server AND can link local don't share well
  • #4403 Ability to switch from gabble to salut manually
  • #5618 machine with no name
  • #6069 phantom applications in neighborhood
  • #2738 Re-enable avatars (buddy photos)
- This was disabled during Trial 2 for performance reasons. Since then, multiple changes have bitrotted the code, including removing pygtk from the PS code.
  • #3371 Collaboration between kids on different XMPP servers
  • #4404 Ability to migrate activities between Telepathy connections
  • #4494 activities don't successfully launch if pservice.get_preferred_connection fails in init
  • #5032 Presence service Activity.joined property
  • #4794 activities advertised in the PS should include the visible name
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