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Next meeting:

  • Friday 2300 UTC / 1900 EST - for 1 hr.

This project & its development are under active discussion... notably, Holger is figuring out how to use it effectively while updating the status of the 70 projects that got XOs at LinuxTag, and adding the other 10+ that will get XOs in the coming weeks; and Francesca and I are keen on finalizing the application and review process so that it can be made more transparent & efficient. --Sj talk 15:54, 7 June 2008 (EDT)


Recent interest in supporting regional oversight : gdk @ RedHat, pia @ OLPC-OZ

Current tasks:

  • Make new project descriptions submit via posts to the wiki (through a form?)
  • Match new volunteer signups with personal details, projects, machines
  • Set up ability to register laptoprs / have a checkin/out system for local pools
    connect proposals to borrow with people who have materials, with geolocation &c

Privacy issues

  • government projects where the partner is worried about public statements
  • vips " "
  • address and phone info

Regional oversight

  • support local groups picking projects to support/ship to
  • separate 'send to B*' from 'send to the OZ/FR/AT shipping team'

--Sj talk 05:05, 14 August 2008 (UTC) meeting:

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