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Distribution Idea

The new laptops could be distributed by medical doctors as a gift when children receive a particular vaccination shot. Assuming that the medical doctors would be honest about it, this distribution system would ensure that the laptops are picked up by children; a black market situation or hoarding could be avoided.

This idea could fit with the idea to use American Peace Corps Volunteers. Here, it would be the Peace Corps doctors who distribute the laptops.

However, I think local doctors could probably do the job, too.

Next question: How to ensure that the laptops get delivered to doctors? How could the problem be solved of laptops getting stolen immediately upon their arrival at a central distribution center (e.g. airport)? (I've heard and read that AIDS medication sent to one country from another is often stolen along the way and sold on a black market by gangsters or quasi-government groups.)

Johngoranson 21:25, 16 May 2007 (EDT)

I don't think the laptop should be given away for free in loosely arranged setups without any project framework. The result would likely be that it will be either not used or immediately sold. In no circumstances it should be given out for free. A small fee should always be collected. This will result in better allocation. Schools, NGOs and other social organisations can purchase it subsidised and use/distribute it according to the social structure and customs in their community. In fact most part of the distribution should be done locally - no western NGO/Charity or whatsoever should give it directly to the children. This is the kind of western help which manifests the structural dependency of developing societies. Joachimrang 15:51, 8 June 2007 (EDT)


I strongly discourage any attempt to limit misuse by technical means. Why should not the father/mother or other relatives use the laptop of their child to learn something as well? How this laptop will be used is anyway out of the control of the OLPC project and not all "misuses" can be classified as bad misuses. There might be positive external effects for parents who use this laptop as well. I understand the desire to prevent corruption and or commercial activities with this laptop - however from a sociological perspective any kind of build-in-mechanism to control the use of the device will be a patronising approach to developing societies who should ultimately define for themselves how they will use this piece of technology (not to mention that it will be cracked and not 100% relialbe). The emphasize should be on clever design and distribution through reliable channels but not on technical barriers how to use the laptop. Joachimrang 15:51, 8 June 2007 (EDT)

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