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I don't understand why the Russian language quote was deleted. It is in Russian, talks about the language and its international nature. In other words, Russian is not only the language of Russians or of the country called Russia, any more than English is the language of English people or the country called England. Both are international languages.

Here is a translation of the Russian text:

The great and powerful Russian language is the most important in the post-Soviet territories. The countries of the former Soviet Union are united in the EEP (United Economic Space) in order to found a Central-Asian version of the European Union.

Then there are links to the EEP website, a non national website written in Russian, and the Eurasian Economic Society, and international treaty organization, again written in Russian. These international organizations use Russian as the lingua franca between peoples who speak many different languages.

Also, let me remind you that in the Russian Federation, there are more than just Russian and Russian-speaking people. There are large populations speaking Turkic, Finnic, Altaic, and other languages. Hollywood tends to give us a warped view of the world in which the Russian language, Russian people and country named Russia are all one and the same.

The Russian language expresses these things better than English.

Russkiy refers to the Russian language. Rus refers to the Russian people who may live in other countries. Rossiskiy refers to things connected with the country Russia. Rosiyanin refers to citizens of Russia who may be ethnically and liguistically not Rus or Russkiy.

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