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The method described on the webpage involves real-time interaction between two participants. It ought to be possible to transfer data more simply. [I'm modelling this proposal on FTP.]

The recipient ought to be able to start a 'pseudo-Activity'. What it would do is (without involving the user): receive transfers from anyone, and store them into the clipboard. [When the recipient no longer wishes to receive transfers, he closes the 'pseudo-Activity'.]

The sender ought to be able to click on an entry in the "friend" palette and cause a "send to this friend" icon to appear (probably in the Frame). The sender then drags an object onto the icon. If that "friend" is receiving, the object is transmitted. If that "friend" is not receiving, an error message tells the sender that the transfer could not be done. [When the sender no longer wishes to perform transfers, he closes the icon.]

The essence of this proposal is to separate the transfer process into two components - 'setup', and 'action'. 'Setup' is performed ahead of time, but independently (the two ends don't have to do it at the same time). 'Action' is performed by only the sender, and involves only a single drag-n-drop. [The recipient will later do something with what he has received.]

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