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core activities

Print Support

Integration of Espeak into Sugar

Integrate espeak engine with all activities, not just Speak, and provide for karaoke coloring. See Mokurai's article on adapting Same Language Subtitling for literacy to the XO.

speak looks like text-to-speech.. to make SLS (same language subtitling), it sounds like we need the opposite: speech-to-text, then karaoke-style syncro.. synxi?

Hi i am chinmayi.s.k from N.I.E,Mysore.I am interested in this project. I have previously worked with speech recognition. before applying to this project I would like to interact with the mentor of this email id is


Martin Langhoff suggests making an embeddable twexter widget for Moodle and/or various OLPC activities..
re printing above, twext also prints on paper


I have been working on develop, I am a student, and I would like to apply to SoCode to continue this work. My priority for develop is (after some simple UI fixes which should be done long before then, such as search/replace) to integrate the ideas outlined in bityi. Second priority would be integrating a glade-based UI editor, third would be a debugger. I plan to flesh out this application soon but I just wanted to get it on paper here now.

Also, I will try to promote SoCode here in Guatemala, and I may be able to help mentor in Spanish, depending on the project.

Homunq 13:40, 7 March 2008 (EST)

Networked Blogging Project

I am a student in Uruguay, and I would gladly work in this project. I would like to know who is the mentor or contact for this project. email: marcel r01 at gmail


Hi..I am Kurchi,a computer science student from India,with good programming skills in C/C++/JAVA/VB. I would like to take part in gsoc and go on with developing the finance support application.I have developed a Human Resource management application on similar lines.Anyone to let me know how to go about it?

Design of the admin interface - School Server

Hello, my name is Indranil Dasgupta, and I'm a student from India. I'm much excited about the the OLPC project and the Google SoC program embarked upon by OLPC. I am interested in working on the school server admin interface design. My contact address is indranild [at] Can anyone please mail me and tell me where to contact the mentors. Thank you. I also am hanging out in the IRC. Warmest regards, Indranil

Hello, I am interested on finding out more about what the ideas of the Server admin interface are. Who can we contact about this ? I am a student in uruguay where the OPL Xos where first deployed.

Interested Students

Hi. My name is Cole Sherer. I would be very interested in working with OLPC. I think it is a great organization and have been following the project throughout the hardware development process. I would be glad to implement a flash card reader. I use an excellent one called iFlash for my mac and find it to be a great learning tool. Also, I've had a good deal of experience programming with SDL and would enjoy helping to port the library. If you'd like my help this summer, please contact me:

I would like to work on developing the admin interface for the school server. Please let me know what kind of interface you need and any other requirements? Contact me at dev[dot]sandip[at]gmail[dot]com.

I am very keen to participate for various ACTIVITIES listed on this page like Boardgames,Email Client and few others..developing them will be a great opportunity to benefit society !Looking forward to be mentored by interested mentors.. thanking you .. Rajan Vaish IRC:vaish GTALK :

@INDOKLEY We can add one more activity.Name of the activity is "MY Music World". In this we can add some inspiration songs. Right now i am just talking about music but we can extend that link into "My FilmCity".

In this ,child record his/her voice and able to upload and can share with other friends circle. We can also provide some download links that are uploaded by "Music" Teachers. i think u like my IDEA...

OLPC Team can contact me on Gtlak ,Yahoo,MSN and orkut Gtalk: Yahoo: MSN  : Orkut:

>>> I want to help OLPC by developing the finance application. In addition to what all has been mentioned in the ideas section for finance, I would like to add another feature where-in a OLPC user will have an online identity in a separate Finance portal meant separately for the OLPC users. Here OLPC user can keep a track of the loans he/she has taken from a friend , and thus the loan data may also be visible to other OLPC finance users. This will make money-lending more reliable and simpler. The idea can later be extended to include proper bank transactions. Also I have an idea for implementing a model barter system, the details of which I will file in my OLPC GSoC application. Thank You, Debjit Saha mail and messenger: messenger only: IRC Nick: dkd903/dkd903_/dkd903__

I would love to be involved in the production of the typing turtle application or with the board games. I attend the University of Glasgow and have produced an Othello AI already, I would love to produce more and to try and standardise setting up of more games. I would also love to try and help epople to type correctly and would use this to learn about other keyboard layouts and how they work. If you would like to contact me, please do by email or on MSN trancendenz(@)

>>> Hello, my name is Carlos RĂ­os, I'm from Chile, and I want apply to help the OLPC project, I want participate on the School Server's design. I would like participate in the GSoC to help you. To contac me, my e-mail, Talk & Messenger: crosvera at Thank You.

>>> Hello, my name is Norbert Schultz. I am studying at TU-Dresden/Germany but currently I am at the INSA Lyon/France for an exchange semester until June/08. The Project with the Xo3d Rendering Library/3D Software Renderer+Game interests me, is there a way to get more information about this? I already got some experience within Computer Graphics and Game Engine concepts; if you like you can contact me at norbert<dot>schultz[at]insa-lyon<dot>fr

>>> Hello, My name is Pradeep Kumar G.S(pradeep2002gs[at]gmail[dot]com)

i like to Add a privacy management and parental control to the OLPC project.. the Instructor and the Parents can keep trace of their wards what the activity they are doing with the help of the software. they should be able to control the laptop from the remote location if the student is using or accessing unauthorized websites.

I'm doing my pre-final year Engineering at KLN college of Information Technology Pottapalayam Sivagangai Dist , Tamilnadi,India .i'm very interested to work on OLPC project.

feel free to contact me at gtalk(pradeep2002gs[at]gmail[dot]com

thank u regareds G.S.Pradeep Kumar

>>>Hello, this is Mohit Taneja here (

i would like to develop a face recognition software for OLPC..... with the face recognition software i would also like to add a voice recognition system to it which can follow some simple instructions given to it like " Shut down" "hibernate" " go mute" etc.......

i wish to implement this using a neural network..... i am doing my engineering from NSIT ,Dwarka , Delhi ,India. i am interested in working on an OLPC project. if you like my concept you can contact me at

IRC nick funkydude/funkydude_

thanks Mohit Taneja

>>>Hi, my name is Tarun Pondicherry. I am a computer science major at Princeton. I would like to work on Designing the Admin Interface, Educational Blogger Project, Elements or porting browse to webkit. I have a bit of experience with what those projects would involve. I would really appreciate more information on who to contact for the Educational Blogger Project and porting to webkit so I can find out more and decide on a proposal. Thank You. My email is tarun2000[at]yahoo[dot]com.

>>>Hello, I m Himanshu Barthwal, a Computer Science Engineering student from National Institute of Technology,India and i m interested in contributing in "Privacy and Parental Control".I m working on networking protocol development using C on Linux Platform and also developed web application using Perl.I have fairly good knowledge of linux as an Operating system .Please tell me how to apply for this projects what credentials do i require to join this project at

>>>Hello, my name is Shen Lu and I am a student that is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Virginia Tech. I am very interested in working with the OLPC project in the form of programming. I find the OLPC program to be an excellent way to spread technology to those less fortunate and it would be an honor to work to bring technology to the masses. I have a lot of experience programming in C++ and have done a fair amount of programming in Java as well as slowly picking up OpenGL. For this project, I would be interested in making either the Flash Cards Applications, Implementing a simple version of Mastermind, Creating a typing instruction program, or creating code for basic games or AI for those games. If I may ask, I would like to know who to contact for more information. My e-mail address is lushen124[at]gmail[dot]com.

Hi, my name is Steven Mohr. I study computer science dual at the BA Mannheim ( in Mannheim, Germany. This is a 1:1 combination of "normal" studies and working in a company. Instead of having vacation I'm working at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the department for software and simulation technology ( I've already have at bit experience in open source projects. I participated for the DLR in an open source project called catacomb ( I would like to work at the Language Learning Activity. I've looked at the Lingoteach app and it seems to be a good basic for a port to XO. Also I would like to add a feature that pupils from around the world can add spoken examples of words in thier mother tongue to the database. That would give us the change to build a language learning programm with a lot of languages. This database of spoken words could be mixed up with pictures so that pupils can participate even when they don't know one of the existing languages. For the progress of learning it should be positive to hava picture of the words you learn too. My e-mail adress is steven[dot]mohr[at]gmx[dot]de. My IRC nick is king_otto.

>> Hello, I am pavan from Hyderabad, India. I am a final year student @ IIIT-H ( ). I have sufficient domain knowledge in computer graphics and have the experience in developing games like Pacman (3D), Dxball (2D), Snakes (3D), tetris (2D and 3D), etc using gl libraries (OpenGL) as well as OSG (Open scene graph). I am a LUG (linux user group) member here and am very much into the open source. I was looking if I can contribute to any of the game designing projects or flash card applications. The motivation which drags me into these projects is that millions of children will be using these applications (provided if they get selected) for their recreation as well as developing their intellectual ability. I have excellency in programming, either in C++ / python / Java or in terms of concepts of Data structures / computational geometry. please let me know in any case. My email id is dasaripavan[at]gmail[dot]com and IRC nick is pavan / pavan_

>> Hello,Iam Vikranth from hyderabad India. I am B.Tech Final year student at Scientnstitute of technology Presently iam doing my acadamic project On topic Online Virtual Training System. and iam doing this project in p.h.p and mysql i have good domain knowledge in php/mysql/java i Want to participate in the project called Customise and package webbased elearning apps My Acadamic project is basically an e learning project in which i implemented a classroom and an examination center e-learning is best suitable for people living in remote areas and we can implement videos both online(live) or Offline(recorded) and we can embbed slides for better understanding the concepts for children I have an idea of implementing a white board which is basically an applet which can be used as black board in class rooms we can use latest latest gadgets like light pens to write on it we can implement a chat room for discussions between student and teachers or between students too.Please tell me how to send my proposal for this project ThanQ My mail id is

                                K.Vikranth Reddy
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