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Why should the system not read/write MMC cards gracefully? MMC and SD protocols are very similar.

The CaFE implementation does not support MMC, so our testing has to be just that things fail gracefully, rather than fall over dead.

Battery autonomy testing

Shouldn't the battery's life under different workloads be tested too? For example,

  • From full charge to shutdown
    • doing 'nothing'
      • doing 'nothing' but relaying network traffic
    • flicking pages (eBook) at a 'normal' rate (whatever that is ;)
    • music playback (local & network sources)
    • video playback (local & network sources)
  • Impact of USB Peripherals
    • mouse & keyboard
    • CD-Rom (playing music or movie)
    • others...?

And that kind of tests? Or at least obtain some 'rates of battery consumption' under a set of likely uses? --Xavi 23:13, 23 January 2007 (EST)

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