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Thank you for writing this test plan. Your effort is appreciated. Here are a few general comments that may improve your test plan.

First off, this plan is for the Draw Activity. Using the same terminology is important.

Have you read the activity description for the Draw activity? [1] It is as close as we have to a specification and that is what we are using to guide us, along with the HIG and User Stories, in writing the other test plans. The test cases should originate from the activity description as much as possible. The screenshot mockups are very useful. Fill in other obvious test cases using your intuition where the spec, hig or users stories fail.

The test cases in a test plan should flow. You should think of it as a normal progression through a task from an end users prospective. Your cases currently do not flow into one another.

Test cases should be focused on the thing to be tested. We are testing at the activity level. Each test case should only contain one task. That task being the single smallest task that can be completed by a user. If you have many Verify statements, consider breaking the test case down into multiple smaller test cases. - Cameron Meadors, 06/20/07

Waiting for a new version of this page

Thanks for your contribution. As a Korean volunteer, I'm waiting for more descriptive pages before translating it into Korean. thanks again. php5 21:29, 25 June 2007 (EDT)

What would you like to be more descriptive? The test plan isn't intended to be comprehensive, but if there's something important you feel is messing please let me know. - John Fuhrer

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