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Trac wiki clean-up

There are currently several ways to link to Trac tickets on-wiki, perhaps this could/should be simplified a little bit.

  1. <trac>1</trac>
  2. Template:Trac
  3. Template:Ticket

In addition, see Trac wiki bookmarks , Category:Trac references

Disambiguate Activities trac

Cjl 22:44, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

Trac enhancement suggestions

Starting a list of things I'd like to see on our Trac system, since I've been using it heavily for testing the last 2 weeks - others please feel free to add. Some are technical (plugins, etc) some are procedural (adding tags, reports, etc) and some are usage based, and some... are just suggestions.

  • Adding another next-action to the workflow: "write test case"
  • Requiring all tickets to have test cases at the end of the ticket body, so it's easy to reproduce a bug and verify it as closed, and we don't have to hunt for test cases in the comments
  • Make tickets and comments editable by the original authors + admins (important if the test case in the ticket body is canonical - sometimes it'll have to be edited)
  • TracBacks plugin - leaves a comment on a ticket when it's been referred to by another ticket (disclosure: I wrote this, so I'm biased, but we found it very useful at TOPP)

There's also been a Trac split proposed for upstream/downstream sugar streams (sugar-core and sugar-olpc) by Sugar Labs; if this happens I'd like to suggest implementing inter-Trac-instance TracBacks. Mchua 18:33, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

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