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Jam prep

  • update to most recent build
  • chinese input on xos
  • installs
    • measure
    • pygame wrapper + tubes
    • test things to demo, in general (esp. mesh)
  • frontpage - collab w/ lauren in "easy projects to do" list

Things to demo

Please help us figure out what to demo on the laptops during Wikimania, and how. We will have a number of them around, so mesh network stuff would be excellent to show off.


Listed in order of priority.

  • How do I access activities that are on the XO, but not immediately visible in the bottom sidebar?
    • Open the developer console (alt + =) and run 'sugar-activity <activity>' ie. sugar-activity Write
  • How do I make the computer work in Mandarin? In order of priority:
    • Camino should render Mandarin characters as it browses
    • Would like to be able to type in Mandarin in various applications - Write, for instance
  • How do I associate two activities in my Journal with each other?
  • How do I change the name/color of my XO avatar?

Overall notes

  • alt + = -> developers' console
  • Ctrl + alt + erase -> restart sugar
  • alt + c -> force quit (yes, it works here too)
  • "su -" gets you into root, no password needed

To install a new activity

  • put it on a thumb drive
  • mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
  • cp -r /mnt/Whatever.activity/ /usr/share/activities
  • umount /dev/sda1
  • restart sugar

Measure (ready)

  • logs stored as flat text files
  • whistling a good demo for fft
  • no mesh

Write (ready)

  • functional test passes
  • collaboration via mesh works! but all text shows up in b&w, times new roman, 12pt in the other person's screen, even if you change size/color/font
  • pictures don't show up via collaboration either
  • no indication of collaborators in journal
  • no indication when collaborator connections are started, interrupted
  • hard to figure out clipboard.

Chat (ready)

  • Is there a way to encourage meshing between two computers? Not all computers seem to see all others.

Journal (ready, Mel not)

  • Functional test passes
  • can't figure out how to associate activities to same project, another XO

Connect4 (ready)

  • had to restart a few times, trial & error, to get a working game. but cool.

Browse (ready)

TamTam (ready)


Camera (ready)

  • would be nice for eben or someone to show the "proper" way to do a videochat; I think I'm getting there but it's a slow process


  • Mini-wikipedia
  • Books: images of icdl, pdfs of ia-kids
  • Music: jamendo from launch nations
  • Video: via metavid
  • How to make a package
  • Chinese-language packages
    Chinese-language input support

Mesh networking

As of build 536, laptops should automatically join a MESH network (without internet connectivity, however). Once the laptop is powered up, it takes a few minutes to configure itself, but eventually olpcA and olpcB should be able to see eachother.

Generic MESH application sharing instructions: Have two laptops connected to MESH. Start the application on olpcA, and share it by changing the "share with:" drop down in the top right corner from private to my neighborhood. Shortly after, olpcB should be able to see the write application shared from the neighborhood view.

  • Connect4 - This game works over MESH, however scores aren't recorded or kept.
  • Write - This application works over MESH. Users can simultaneously edit the same document.
  • Chat - Works over MESH.
  • what games can we play to demo this? memorize?
  • Lincoln's docs on tubes in pygame


  • 3d pong (need networking)
  • Kuku
  • Rule?
  • Connect4

Hardware coolness

  • display
  • ruggedness
  • lightweight
  • pressure/capac. touchpads
  • tablet mode
  • wifi antennas/locks/dust covers

Info/links for main page

Event ideas

  • Hacking days, software hacking: Build wiki infrastructure for OLPC projects. Specific needs: form input to Mediawiki (immediate users would be Review squad and Summer of Content applicants), matchmaking aids for Summer of Content that can parse wikipages and categories of which interns are interested in what companies and automatically suggest match-ups).
  • Hacking days, content hacking: Run a Jam in Taipei!
  • Open space: Hold a Review squad session and advertise for local children to come and join.
  • Brainstoring session: Come up with projects for Summer of Content 2007 - also good for recruiting mentors, interns, mentor orgs.

Swag ideas

  • "make your own OLPC t-shirts" booth - fabric paint, rubber stamps in the shape of the "1" "laptop" "->" "XO" icons, and t-shirts.

Mediawiki feature requests

1. Provide a way to reliably render wikitext to html. Priority high.

Right now, we set up a bogus edit session for some random page, and scrape the html from Preview. But Preview is returning truncated page html for >1% of our pages.

Some options include:

  • Debug Preview
  • Create a new Special:RenderWikitext. This would also avoid the need for a bogus edit session.

2. Special:ExpandTemplates [1] Priority medium.

  • defect: Doesn't expand some templates
    eg a [1]
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