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What happens when it is confused? It's hat to tell if I am confused or the computer.

Generally the computer reboots properly following this sequence (if it was an EC problem). cjl 23:31, 3 October 2009 (UTC)

Replacement Motherboard

Where can I get a replacement motherboard?

At this time (2011), there are few options for replacement of the motherboard for any XO. For the XO-1, you can try buying an XO-1 2nd hand from a place like Ebay. The other options is to ask for help at one of the few OLPC volunteer repair centers in the US and EU. For other XOs, the options are basically nil. The wiki has a page for the volunteer repair centers.
(note: please use the email address for most questions about OLPC and the XO, editing a wiki page and inserting a questions is not usually the best approach -- kevix/AUG 2011)
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