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I jumped onto the translation, because, even though the page is obviously very young and ideas are taking shape, just thought that it would be valuable to expose it to other languages. For example, the reference to 'summer' is a bit too northern-hemisphere centric — summer is but a faint memory, we are bracing ourselves for the cold ;)

I'll try to keep the rhythm, but don't worry, I just didn't want this page NOT be translated. Obviously, reviewers and editors are not only welcome, but as usual, sought. Cheers, --Xavi 18:21, 29 May 2007 (EDT)

Thanks y está abrigado! --Lauren 12:47, 30 May 2007 (EDT)

Teacher XO's and VGA Connectors

Glad to see there is a project for teachers. I'd just like to draw attention to this link on Teacher XO's and VGA Connectors. I put it in the XS Server Specification page as perhaps relevant to technical issues there but it may be of more interest here.

If you agree that it MAY be important for teachers to have XO's with VGA connectors so that they can use larger displays without buying more expensive and power hungry laptops or desktops, please draw this to the attention of people finalizing serial production.

Note that this might be urgent if I am correct in suggesting that injection moulds for the case would need to provide for enabling provision of the VGA connector (even though only a small proportion for teachers would actually have the connector fitted).

BTW here is a list from Inveneo of XGA (1024 x 768) LCD displays that are confirmed to run on 12V DC and use 10 Watts or less

   * VIEWERA V141-B 14inch
   * Kogi L4AX
   * Gvison L2EX
   * Acer AL 1512 15 inch, 10 Watts only in minimum brightness setting 

This confirms that it IS feasible to provide larger teacher displays in any school that can provide gang chargers for XOs as the power consumption is not prohibitive.


este exto lo hago porque me parece muy linda la propuesta de tener computadoras XO y también me parece muy linda la accion de parte de Tabaré Vazquez por el facor que nos hizo....

les mando un bezo enorme a todos......

Foarte informativ

Da, probabil, de aceea este

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