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  • create a world map of where we think all the XOs are. Some sort of Google-map app... it would be a tremendous hit, and would likely jumpstart a lot of local brainstorming and better connections as our community travels around the world (XO-aware couchsurfing and dinner planning).
> there's the google "my maps" feature that is -very- easy to use. not sure
> about opportunities for collaboration/joint modification, tho... Lauren
> I think what we really want is a way to geotag wiki pages and make a special
> set of same show up on a google map... we don't want the map to be
> deletable, we do want revision history, we do want people to be able to edit
> their own information - both geoloc and the bit of metadata that shows up
> associated with a marker. Sj talk
> Something like planet planet or a quick drupal install might get us up
> to speed quickly with the maps idea. More on this next week. :-) 
> -Josh.
I did some testings (which failed) trying to use a template/subpage combo... Yes I know, I should come up with simpler structures :) If it would've worked, we could've had a subpage with all the geo parameters and then feed it to specific templates (or parsed by a bot or similar) into a comprehensive set of geo-location points...
If anybody is interested you can check the following pages:
On a side track, relative to the <googlemap> used by is that the only projection available? I personally dislike those maps that deform so much the high latitudes as they give a (terribly) wrong feeling for size of countries.
This is also a great opportunity to challenge preconceived traditional views of the world... (I personally like this map). Cheers, --Xavi 10:13, 3 July 2007 (EDT)

I don't think that a physical geographical layout of the World is the best map to use, I see more of a virtual map, a map of tagged school servers, or a mind map that you can go into and out of.

It would consist of the following elements; (parent) Country objects (parent)school server objects, (child)laptop objects,mple basic but effective.

with three basic objects and with the two parent objects displaying the Number Totals for there children in a type of Drill down map, si

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