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Contents of school server software?

What actual packages comprise the suite of school server software? I don't want a Live CD; I want to install on an existing server.

Why ? The school server provides four main functions: network connection, backup, library, and centralized presence. The laptop will be just as happy if you aren't running a server, unless you start running a large number of them. The exception to this being backup and library, which aren't fully implemented yet anyway...

Where is this documented?

At XS LiveCD and XS Software Repositories. The contents of the livecd are indicated by the livecd kickstart file, which in turn relies on the xs-pkgs package to pull in most of the required ones.

It's an xmpp server (a patched ejabberd), and what else?

DHCP, DNS, drivers and firmware for the Active Antenna, http caching, identity manager, network configuration, etc. More are being added.

Can I run a school server with an infrastructure-mode access point, instead of a MPP?

Yes.--Wad 10:34, 29 January 2008 (EST)

-16:14, 21 January 2008 (EST)Risacher

Question: should the server include Squid cache, Sendmail or some other open sourece POP3 and SMTP server, and an admin interface such as WebMin? My experience is that there is a great benefit to using off-peak network capacity and one-way satellite downloads so people have their e-mail with attachments waiting nearby when they log in. Many web documents can be e-mailed to the viewer and downloaded as low-priority bits, what Nicholas calls "Stand-by Bits."--anon (written into article)

Right now, there is no plan for a local mail service. HTTP caching is available in school server builds later than build 150. Off-hours download will be used by the server to update the library and any needed software packages. Some countries are also looking into using it for distributing educational video to their schools.

Content Management System

Are there any plans to provide some local website on the server for school and class use? I think this might be a good idea. Suitable all-round high quality CMS is * bitweaver.--Kozuch82 05:33, 31 January 2008 (EST)

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