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  • Mike recording to be re-implemented!
  • Make a TamTam Edit Video
  • Make a portable/ exchangeable system for TamTam files, perhaps, like James suggested, built on a revised idea of the csound deamon.
  • Revise instrument loops
  • Add more sounds
  • New sound category: Loops to be streched with tempo!
  • Move all PNG's to SVG's
  • Sugar integration
  • Make all the samples the same root note (all but one of the electric guitars have E as the root note instead of C)

TamTam Player Screen

  • Implement TamTamPlayer!!!
  • a new activity?


  • Make the beat generate "fills" or variations for one bar every 16 betas or so and then get back to its original.
  • mike recording to reimplement. Maybe this ought to be feasible in Edit and synthLab as well.

TamTam Edit

  • LOAD & SAVE !!!
  • Keyboard recording!
  • RollOver state for all slider knobs. (better wait for this as we might switch to SVG, Nat)
  • mic and synthLab icons are too small for the trackView. We see an half of another .png
  • Algo issues
    • Algo should offer ways to use algorythmically chosen "orchestras"
  • Toolbar Issues
    • Property popup window needs completion.
      • Perhaps add the possibility to add to selection using right mouse button.
    • Are the arrow buttons in noteedit really useful if we have the arrow keys mapped?
    • Add button should be placed next to the erase button in page edit mode.
    • Add a "paint" tool that would paint notes spaced according to the quantize grid value. set grid value...
    • In noteEdit mode, make steps for volume change much larger (perhaps 10 steps total )
  • PageView issues
    • Property popup window needs completion.
    • Beats-per-page needs implementation (perhaps in page properties as opposed to a button?)
    • spacebar starts/stops
    • There should be a line in the trackview for each 16th note.
    • The drum track horizontal grid needs to be divided by 12 steps instead of 24.
    • Keyboard arrows shoudl be mapped to pitch and amp when in note slection mode, up-down on track change and left-right on page change when in tack or page edit mode
    • Shift-keyboard up-down arrows should be mapped to amplitude and shift-left-right should be mapped to duration.


  • Saving sounds
  • Saving Patches

Documentation and training

  • HTML documentation
  • Tutorials



  • Serious performance degradation when not running as root.
  • Adjust keyboard latency in ALSA (-b smaller)
  • TamTam icon, once launched, does not appear on the donut nor in the top frame...
  • Instrument volume normalization (drums in particular)
  • Click at the end of sounds
  • Add vibrato/tremolo to sustain sounds?



  • Remove synthLab record buttons and make 2 more for slots 5 and 6
  • Load all the synthLab slots (6)
  • Change play icon
  • Playing many notes on the keyboard and using the ttrackpad causes notes to be stuck and to cause some sort of accumualtion in the note buffers when you stop playing the buffer gets emptied and notes play. Cause of this may have been found: the fractional part of the instrument call (ie: 5010.05) is dubious. this likely causes a host of problem in both miniT and editT.
  • Get rid of the tied-notes feature in both miniT and Edit. This implies deep surgery but is considered prioritary.
  • Sequence recorder to be re-implemented (low priority)

TamTam Edit

  • The "first note" bug. Randomly the first note on a page goes silent. it is there and responds to mouse interaction but is silent when playing. This happens after some editing operaitons of copy/generate/move etc. it can happen with a single page or multiple pages. It is always the first note on a track but that note doesn;t have to be directly on the downbeat of the first beat. It can be on just one or more track.
  • The generation window as a popup is a problem since it closes on the first mouseup event, meaning any action on the 2D sliders causes the window to close. AM
  • Sometimes volume sliders stop working...
  • Track instruments are only changed when you regenerate.
  • Soloing a track requires the user to press stop and play again to hear the track in solo
  • recording fails and leaves an unremovable silent instrument that looks like a baby (OS build 303 on B2)
  • Toolbar Issues
    • When first opening TamTam edit, the icons overlap (Adrian)
    • Using the toolbar arrows to go back to a different mode should be reflected in the selection. ie: if the toolbar shows page deiting mode, the selection should be deselected (whether tracks or notes) -- actually Adrian succefully argued against this idea
    • Looping parameter button. This should probably be dropped as it brings confusion. Looping will simply be of the page(s) selected.
    • The button icons in noteedit mode look terrible
  • PageView issues
    • When a note(s) is/are selected, deselect them when clicking anywhere else but on the selected note(s)
    • When adjusting note pitches in trackview, the notes shoudl sound for the full duration.
  • Make tempo from 30bpm to 180bpm. 240 is not useful.
  • I generated with the rock drum kit and I can hear the "ooooh" of the electronic kit, can't repro though.
  • mic <strike>and synthLab icons are too small for the trackView. We see an half of another .png</strike>
  • generate doesn't handle several orchestras, it took the first one for all the tune


  • Sources need to be placed leftmost in the object bank. Its not important for now and we need to talk about that! - Oli
  • Make the 6 synthLab sound slots beside the length slider
  • Push maximum length of sound slots to 10 seconds
  • Icons for the 6 record Buttons
  • starting a connection on an input is not suposed to be allowed

Typing Game

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