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Number Sense


  • count with understanding
  • skip counting
  • recognize "how many"
  • recognize equivalent representations of numbers (123 = 100 + 20 + 3)
  • concept of odd and even numbers
  • describe parts of a whole
  • fractions and decimals
  • identify prime numbers
  • show equivalent represenations (decimal to fractions, and so on)
  • know how size of a whole affects size of a part
  • represent repeated factors as exponents

Operations and Properties

  • solve number sentences and word problems
  • relationship between addition/subtraction, multiplication/division
  • describe classes of numbers by factors and multiples
  • determine if a number is prime or composite
  • write prime factorizations of numbers
  • recognize inverse relationships


  • make comparisons of sets (<, >, =)
  • identify and express ratios
  • model concept of percentage using manipulatives and drawings

Estimation and Measurement

  • identify measureable attributes
  • tell time
  • describe relationships within units
  • show equivalent amounts of money
  • area and perimeter
  • measure angles
  • measurement/estimation strategies (for example, volume/area of irregular shapes)


  • describe common and uncommon attributes in a set
  • recognize, describe, and extetnd patterns
  • describe missing units in a pattern
  • identify errors in a pattern
  • express properties with variables (for ex, knowing commutative property as m + n = n + m)
  • simplify expressions involving like terms


  • identify 2d and 3d shapes
  • intepret positions relative to space
  • recognize symmetry
  • translation, rotation, reflection
  • identify, draw, label - segments, rays, parallel lines, intersecting lines, perpendicular, obtuse, acute, right
  • concave, convex polygons
  • ordered pairs
  • radius, diameter, chord, circumference
  • congruent vs similar
  • match cube model (front, side, top drawing)
  • tessellations


  • identify possible/impossible results
  • determine all possible outcomes of a situation
  • fractional part of a group
  • simulation?

Additional topics

  • create tables for function rules
  • graph
  • identify rates of change
  • graph simple inequalities on a number line
  • plot points (cartesian)
  • model problems, draw conclusions
  • how change in one quantity can effect others
  • inequalities on a number line
  • commutative, associative, distributive properties
  • identity property
  • inverse operations
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