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describe an event, concept, experience

  • use senses
  • make predictions
  • describe change
  • cause and effect

guided inquiry

  • ask questions based on prior knowledge or observations
  • make inferences
  • investigating hypotheses
  • know and follow safety precautions
  • independent vs dependent variables

following procedure

repeatability and other good practices

record and store data

  • making charts, data tables

analyze and display results

  • pattern recognition
  • noted similarities and differences
  • predicting trends
  • drawing conclusions
  • making generalizations

comparing experimental designs

common science topics

  • life cycles
  • classification (animal kingdoms)
  • microscopic/macroscopic life
  • structures (head, thorax, abdomen)
  • predicting traits from parents
  • biomes, different ecosystems, habitats
  • matching organism needs to habitats
  • animal adaptations
  • relationships - predator/prey, parasite/host, symbiotic, consumer/producer
  • food webs (population modeling kind of thing?)
  • pedigrees
  • feedback mechanisms
  • competition (game of life?)
  • simple circuits
  • elements
  • push/pull, magnetism. How objects interact
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