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Amos Kitur

I am a senior concentrating in Chemistry at Harvard University[1].
Currently, I am working on a research with the Chemistry Depart at Harvard University. I am excited about this opportunity to work in an under-privileged community to change the lives of children through technology.It happens that I have quite some experience with children aged 6-12 years . Like most Kenyan student, I taught Chebalungu Primary school for several months right after I finished high school in 2003.

Charles Kiplagat

I am a rising junior concentrating in Chemical Engineering at MIT[2].
Currently, I am the student web-editor for DSpace Foundation[3] and Project Designer for TLO[4]. When I heard of OLPCorps Africa, I was very excited to finally have a chance to give back to my community back in Kenya. Like Amos, I taught my local primary school, Kapletingi, for two years after I finished high school. The sense of nurturing and expanding kid's knowledge has always been an excitement to me. But nothing appeals to me more than the study and preservation of African Cultural Heritage. I served the Youth Council of Keiyo South Constituency[5] for two years, a term I dealt with several education policy implementation within the constituency.

I took Python programming class in my freshman year and believe it will be of great help in this project. Like every MIT student, I take pride in the way the institute has expanded my sense of Technology and all it is in modern computation.

Evans Kosgei

I am a sophomore concentrating in Computer Science and Engineering under an honors major: Integrated Business and Engineering at Lehigh University[6]
I am currently working for Lehigh’s Media Center; my job entails editing and designing department websites at Lehigh. As a CS major, I have a core background in wide-range of programming and excellent knowledge & skill in computers in general. I am familiar with HTML and CSS. I took an intro class to C++ during my freshman year, and i am currently taking a Java class in Data Structures, and Structural Programming.

While in Kenya, I taught kids aged 7 to 14 years old in Chebororwa Primary School, my local primary school. I enjoyed helping the kids learn new things and become enthusiastic about being successful in life. OLPCorps Africa, therefore, presents a great opportunity for me to help make children bring change in the Kenyan society.

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