Technical Structure and Operations


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Technical Structure and Operations

The Structure of Technical Operations
Laptop Update & Maintenance Procedure
Example of Networking Site for Teachers

The first diagram shows the structure of Technical operations of OLPC Afghanistan. The Second one is the chart of Laptop Update and Maintenance procedure and the job of each team member. The third diagram is showing an example of networking sites available for teachers in schools.

Sections: The whole Technical operations can be divided into 5 sections.

  • Deployment teams section

This section's responsibility is deployment of OLPC laptops to schools with all related logistics and actions.

  • Technical trainers section

Technical trainers are responsible for education of teachers and at the beginning of the project also for education of Technical operations staff.

  • User service team section

User service teams provides support for teachers and schools what OLPC laptops concern – troubleshooting, documentation creation, development of new activities (programs). This team will closely cooperate with Ministry of Education on development of new content and activities for OLPC already deployed where MoE will provide the Curricular specifications and content and User service team developers will create the programming part.

  • Localization team section

Localization team is responsible for translating the current activities into Dari and Pashto. This activity will take place at the very beginning of OLPC project.

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